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爱读书的人 都是好恋人

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 Unlucky in love? Maybe you should try your local bookstore. Here are 10 reasons why readers make fantastic lovers。

  恋爱不 顺?或许你该去书店转转了。下面10个理由可以 告诉你,为什么爱读书的人能成为好恋人。

  1. Readers are smart and intelligence is undoubtedly sexy。

  爱读书的人 聪明又智慧

  Reading makes you smarter and that’s a fact. People who read often not only have higher GPAs and test scores, but a greater overall knowledge on a variety of topics. Furthermore, making reading a lifelong habit can help delay dementia by keeping the mind sharp and active。

  众所周 知,阅读使人智慧。爱读书的人不仅成绩顶呱呱,还通晓各类话题知识。而且,养成终生阅读的习惯能保持思维敏锐灵活,避免老年痴呆。

  2. Bibliophiles are able to think quickly on their feet and their active imaginations help them find creative solutions。

  爱读书的人 思维活跃、想象力丰富,能立足现实想出有创意的解决办法。

  Readers are awesome to have in sticky situations. Individuals who spend more time reading have better analytical skills and are able to evaluate a problem quickly and skillfully to come up with a proper solution. Additionally, being exposed to different worlds, peoples, and ideas in their novels will make a reader’s mind wonderfully imaginative. Their creativity will inevitably keep your life, conversations and (ahem) bedroom interesting. After all, with a reader, you will never know what to expect。

  爱读书 的人在棘手情况下表现出众。经常阅读的人具备更强的分析能力,能迅速娴熟想出解决问题的恰当方法。而且,因为从书上了解到不同世界、各种人物及各类观点,爱读书的人因此具备更精彩的想象力。这种独创性思维会让生活 、谈话乃至伴侣生活变得相当有趣。跟爱读书的人在一起,你永远也猜不透下一秒会发生什么惊喜。

  3. No more forgotten anniversaries—readers have better memories。

  爱读书的人 拥有更好的记忆力,绝不会忘记周年纪念日。

  With every character, setting, and plot twist that a reader absorbs, his or her brain is in overdrive building new and strengthening old neuron brain connections. As a result, they generally have better recall of day-to-day matters。通过一边 阅读一边消化书中的人物、场景与情节,爱读书的人的大脑神经会得到不断更新与强化。因此,他们也更能记住日常琐事。

  4. Bookworms are less stressed。


  Reading is a comforting pastime and avid readers can always turn to a book when they are looking to unwind, relax, and reduce stress. This is good news for their partners because stress can seriously lower libido and stressed couples tend to avoid intimacy and fight more often。

  阅读是 很惬意的消遣方式,如果需要减压与放松,爱读书的人总可以一头扎进书堆里去。这对他们的伴侣也很有益处:因为压力会大大降低性欲,倍有压力的夫妇常常难以亲近,很容易发生争吵。

  5. With an impressive vocabulary and flair for storytelling, readers make wonderful conversationalists。

  爱读书的人 词汇丰富,擅于讲故事,是不错的谈伴。

  Nothing’s worse than stilted conversation on a date. Frequent readers, on the other hand, have a broader vocabulary and are better spoken than those that rarely crack open a book. As a result, your conversations will be much more colorful and engaging. Readers often think about life in unique and deeper ways that will spark challenging and exciting discussions。

  再没什 么能比约会时生硬的对话更令人尴尬了。相对于很少看书的人而言,经常阅读的人拥有更丰富的词汇,往往也更加健谈。因此,和爱读书的人交谈更有意思。爱读书的人思考生活的方式更独到深刻,能将谈话提升到更高更有趣的 层次。

  6. Your reading admirer will be culturally and artistically aware。

  爱读书的人 散发书卷艺术气质。

  Good readers are more than three times as likely to make art and go to concerts and museums as opposed to their non-reading counterparts. Can you say, “Awesome date nights?”

  相对而 言,爱读书的人更倾向于搞艺术、听音乐会或逛博物馆。你觉得这样约会怎么样?

  7. Readers are more likely to succeed in their careers and have well-paying jobs。

  爱读书的人 更容易获得高薪工作、取得事业成功。

  According to employers, a lack of reading and writing skills is one of the top shortcomings in new hires, giving proficient

  readers a better shot at getting hired. Moreover, they have a higher chance of being in a management position and, to top it all off, generally have higher salaries。

  据公司 反应,新员工的一大缺点就是缺乏阅读和写作技能,因此爱读书的人更容易获得受聘机会。而且,爱读书的人更容易担任管理层职位,自然也就获得更高薪水。

  8. Readers are more likely to fulfill their civic duty。

  爱读书的人 更愿意履行社会职责。

  Active readers are not only more likely to vote in elections, but are over two times as likely to do volunteer work. Not only does altruism make you more attractive, but couples that do charity work together are often more intimate and emotionally connected。

  爱读书 的人不仅积极参加投票选举,还更愿意从事志愿活动。无私贡献能增加个人魅力,而一起做慈善活动的夫妇关系也更亲密和谐。

  9. Readers are more understanding and empathetic。

  爱读书的人 更能谅解和体恤他人。

  Studies show that frequent fiction readers demonstrate a better ability to empathize with others and understand other people’s thoughts, feelings, and world view. Empathy is crucial in relationships—it is linked to shorter, less intense arguments as well as happier and longer relationships overall。

  研究表 明,经常阅读的人更会体恤他人,能理解他人的想法、感受和世界观。同情心在人际关系中至关重要——它能减少争执,使彼此关系更融洽更长久。

  10. Readers are passionate, vibrant, clever and complex。

  爱读书的人 热情活力、机灵多样。

  If you are with a reader, consider yourself lucky. With an incredible mind, imagination, wit and heart, they will challenge you quite unlike anyone else has before. They have lived many lives through the written word and will happily share those lives with you. They will want you to be a part of all of their worlds, all of their stories. Together, you will travel to fantastical lands across space and time and all the while will write a wonderful story of your own. I promise you this: every plot twist and character flaw, every afternoon spent in a bookstore and late night discussion over haphazard stacks of books will absolutely and undoubtedly be worth it!

  如果你 身边有个爱读书的人,那你可真幸运。爱读书的人思维灵活、想象丰富、机智又风趣,他们能将你引领你到达前所未有的层次。他从书籍里了解到各种各样的事情,也很乐意跟你分享其中的一切。他愿意带领你进入那些世界、聆 听那些故事。你将和他一起穿越时空领略万种风情,同时也谱写下你自己的精彩故事。我向你保证:每一次情节回转、每一个人物弱点、每一段午后书店时光、以及夜晚对阅书籍的随意漫谈,都会妙不可言!

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